Case Studies and Tesitmonials

Recently a family contacted me as after a weekend away with friends where they had spent the entire time comparing the behaviours of their child to that of their friends child, they were concerned and felt they needed an expert to give their opinion and support in resolving the situation.


“We worked with Families In Sync this year after we realised a few changes in our family could lead to our time together being a more relaxed quality time. Hayley the Managing Director visited our home and spoke with us taking time to find out what our requirements were, what we felt our challenges were, and what we wanted our family life to be. Hayley then came back to us with some very effective solutions to our challenges and ways we could achieve the outcomes we had discussed. Hayley and her team of specialists supported our family throughout and were available around the clock should we have needed them, this was a great comfort during difficult times.

Our family life has been transformed by working with Families In Sync, we now have the family life we envisaged on our first meeting with Hayley and we are supported in the fact that Families In Sync are there to support us into the future, they are a complete revelation.

We have even recommended them to friends and colleagues.”

Mrs Webster – West Yorkshire

Comments from our training workshops –

“It has been great to take a step back and see everything with a fresh set of eyes.”

“You always make us feel so relaxed, the training is great fun”

“This has been just what my team needed”

“The team building was one of the best days I have been on”

“I really didn’t want to give my Saturday up but I have learnt loads, I am so glad I came”

“Its all about thinking outside the box and tipping what I already do upside down and you helped me see that”

“I had Families In Sync recommended to me by a parent I met at my child’s school. I was experiencing difficulties with my fourth child. He was proving completely different from my previous children.I had never had to think about managing behaviour or not getting a full nights sleep with my previous three children however my fourth child did not sleep for more than a couple of hours and did not listen to the word “No” I was in desperate need of help. Families In Sync were amazing they visited me within 24 hours, met my partner and children, and arranged to visit when only the youngest child was at home to provide one to one work.Families In Sync provided routines, behaviour management and the reasoning behind it. Being able to understand the theory and success rates made it easy for myself as a parent to engage with. My specialist from their team supported us totally throughout the entire process and using their routines and techniques I now feel I have the level of control back over my life that I previously had.

This has made our family time more relaxed and enjoyable, as well as making my daily life enjoyable bringing back the harmony to my household as they promised.”

Mrs Edwards – North Yorkshire