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At Families In Sync I have a team dedicated to working with professionals . We design and deliver bespoke training workshops for childminders, nurseries and schools. Work with children’s centres and settings to offer group sessions for parents and families and work alongside schools bringing support for their pupils and their families.


Through this short course you will develop a further understanding of why outdoor experiences are vital and the role the outdoors plays in development. You will explore your outdoor provision and learn new ways to view this and grow it into an outstanding area for education, learning, development and play to take place.

Discover resources and new ways to think about your current resources. We are all about cheap and free resources and we will enable you to find cheap and free ways to develop your outdoor provision.

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Boys learn differently to girls, join me as we look at brain differences, how your environment can enable, learning styles, motivations, challenge and more.

Do you fully understand the implications nurturing boys can have? Find out more and discover how your practice can impact on their learning.

Develop, implement and embed a boy-friendly culture into your setting.

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My range of cost effective bespoke training packages are designed and developed to meet the needs of your team and your setting and start from just £99.00 per team.

They run workshops throughout the UK you can view our current workshops below. Myself and my team work with all settings including childminding group offering targeted, quality training with measurable and improved outcomes. We are totally flexible within our approach and can deliver training Monday to Saturday, day times or evenings.

In house training ranges from hour long awareness training to full day training courses and everything is developed around you.

Training workshops can be adapted to cover a range of ages from Birth to Twelve years at no extra charge.

All of our trainers are experts in their field and have undergone many years experience and training to enable us to give you an outstanding service for you and your team. Our trainers are able to offer support, guidance and advice throughout your training course and beyond.

The workshop list below is not extensive, please contact our team if you have a training need which is not listed and sign up to our newsletter for more on our conference and seminar days.

*Special Educational Needs – developed around the most requested training items from local teams, this includes referring and the information you need to include, the SEN you are most likely to come across and also some you are not, how to adapt your practice and what you need to be observing. This gives delegates a current knowledge and ensures you’re working within best practice to meet the needs of the children within your setting to ensure targeted learning and support.

*Autism Awareness – A brilliant workshop to give you a solid understanding and knowledge of autism to work confidently with the children within your setting. Ensuring an enabling approach to their learning.

*Sensory Processing Awareness – So many children struggle with sensory processing yet so little is shared about it. Educate yourself and your team bringing new skills to your setting and new knowledge to your practice.

*Improving A Child’s Outdoor Experience and Learning – This is a comprehensive outdoor play session, developing play and learning opportunities alongside looking at planning for your outdoor area. Come away with an outdoor plan that works for your setting.

NEW​ *Play, Play Play – Play is vital in learning so let’s learn how children play. This workshop also incorporates synthetic, natural and heuristic play opportunities. Work with play and resource elements, investigate schemas, use play to develop opportunities in your environment in and out. Become inspired and develop new play experiences you will be able to take away and use to inspire your children.

*Child Development – Update and learn new knowledge around how children develop, why and how you can support this. This workshop is a must for all childcare professionals.

*Story Boxes and Bags – Develop ways to bring stories to life, learn how to use these to address issues, build communication and confidence while extending learning. Look at developing reading areas and how you can encourage social interaction and communication everyday.

*Developing Communication Skills in the Early Years – How do your children communicate, what can you do to support them and how to manage the most common communication difficulties. Learn how with this practical support workshop.

NEW *Nurturing boys – Boys learn differently to girls,we look at brain differences, how your environment can enable, learning styles, motivations, challenge and more. Do you fully understand the implications nurturing boys can have? Find out more and discover how your practice can impact on their learning.

*Working with Parents – Engage parents within your setting, evaluate what you have previously tried and the outcomes, learn new ideas and plan for the future. Engaging parents is an ongoing challenge for any setting we will help you to address this.

*Managing Children’s Behaviour – Look at what you currently do, learn different strategies, how to develop strategies and adapt them, plus find out why behaviours occur. This is a great team workshop to develop how you work together for the benefit of the setting.

NEW *Superheros, Elves and Fairies – Learn and develop ways of using small world play and play. It’s not all about tuff spots.We look at targeting learning, developing a child initiated approach. How small play improves skills and communication, can be used to resolve conflict and promote positive behaviours. You will get lots of opportunities to try out ideas and learn new ideas.

*Developing The Baby Room – Have you seen your setting through a baby’s eyes? We work inside and out to ensure babies have the most amazing experience in your setting and you team are equipped to support and deliver this.

*Team Building – No matter if you are a new team or team which have been together a long time, building the team bond is important to ensure an outstanding setting. Our team building is a fun, team bonding experience that is inclusive to all.

NEW *Sensory Play – Take an in depth look into looking at playing through the senses. See a child’s perspective. Develop sensory play specific to your children and your setting, aid children in making deeper connections, learning about the sensory systems, investigate resources and learn about the importance.

#*Social Stories – Use social stories to develop skills, understanding and perspective,while teaching social skills. Social Stories are especially effective when used with children with additional needs.

*Safeguarding, the issues and what to look for – A clear impactful course which includes Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Alcohol Awareness and Mental Health Awareness. Give yourself and your team a practice changing look into safeguarding. This workshop works well alongside our Domestic Abuse Workshop.

*Domestic Abuse Awareness – Developed by our in house Domestic Abuse Champion this is a fantastic, informative training course to ensure you are fully informed and educated. With a clear understanding of updates and procedures.This is one of our most popular workshops.

*Introduction to Empathy Dolls – Have you heard of Empathy Dolls? Do you have one? Is it used effectively? In this course come and learn how Empathy Dolls can become an integral part of your setting and your children’s learning experience. Plus enable you the time you need to become confident with using them.

NEW *Developing a more natural setting – Use a more nature based approach,investigate the origins of natural play approaches, look at natural approaches others take and learn why they work, plan for a more natural space, discuss how this would work and plan for day to day implementation, creating ideas to develop a rich learning environment.

*Neurological Tic Disorder Awareness – This is an awareness course to offer advice, support and knowledge to your setting. We provide a tailored course delivered by a trainer with extensive knowledge in this area. You will learn the background, triggers, coping mechanisms and more, plus how this can impact on your planning.

*Manual Handling – Did you know if your manual handling training is not delivered by a qualified professional you may not be fully insured if there was an incident? Our course is delivered by a qualified expert who will be able to adapt the course to meet any specific needs and offer personalised advice, plus follow up support if required.

NEW *Dens! – Construction brings so many opportunities, den building can bring a vast amount of learning, challenge, communication, social skills………..and so much more. In this workshop get hands on with making spaces, creating environments, learn techniques, learn how to inspire children to become involved, work as a team and take away how you can created inspiring spaces at your setting.