For Parents

Children don’t come with a manual and they can be difficult and confusing as much as they can be inspiring and rewarding.We can work with you around any aspects of family life to bring the harmony back.  All of our hints, tips and solutions are developed for you and your family, to meet your needs.

Whether you are new to being a parent or you are experienced at being a parent, I am here to support you whatever your challenges. 

Just a few of the areas we support with are:

  • – General Parenting
  • – Children’s Behaviour
  • – Sleep Routines
  • – Child Development
  • – Feeding and weaning
  • – Absent Parents and the impact/implications
  • – Instilling Calm
  • – Reconnecting the Family
  • – Emotional/Mental Health and Well Being
  • – Improving your work/life balance
Every parent has their own challenges, no matter where these stem from or how these effect you, it is normal and you are not alone!

It is difficult all the various ‘hats’ you use in a day, parent, taxi service, negotiator, partner, friend, entrepreneur or employee, the list goes on. Stop the daily struggle now, I know how.

Parenting challenges aren’t only for parents with very young children, older children and teenagers bring their own challenges, believe me I know as I have one child in each age group myself.  Stop living with the guilt and start living the lifestyle you are currently dreaming of by booking a free discovery call today, simply use the calendar to the right.

Have you reached that point where you know you need to make a change whether that’s with your child’s routine, behaviour, or are you just looking for a more natural way forward? Book your free call today by using the calendar to the right.

I am waiting to work with you to develop bespoke programme around you, your family and their needs to ensure balance, peace, happiness and harmony returns to your household.