Resources and Toys

Treasure Baskets

Treasure Baskets, there are so many of these available, however we needed one which was ‘officially safe’ and offered excellent value for money….so we made one.

Please note all of our Treasure Baskets are created by our amazing team ensuring quality and an excellent service. Our Treasure Baskets are of excellent quality the contents of each will vary slightly they are all from our well researched and developed product list to ensure your child gets the most out of it, however we can ensure items are included/excluded at your request. Plus you receive a guide on the use of our Treasure Baskets, extending how you can use the Treasure Basket items with toddlers to and also information around why they are so amazing for babies development.

Treasure Baskets are ideal from when a baby starts to sit supported but children should never be left unattended while with them.

Our treasure basket is £25.99 plus p&p  and comes presented in a beautiful basket


This resource can be used in indoor and outdoor play (however is not weatherproof).

To order simply click here.

Enchanted Magical Fairy Wand

These are the perfect accessories for your child for any fairy fancy dress!

This beautiful wand is a ball of poufy tulle and is available in different colours atop of a rod, with coloured ribbons streaming the length of the wand.

This wand is lovingly handmade just for you.

Watch the colours fly as you wave the wand!

Just £4.99 plus p&p

Order yours today at by clicking here.

Sensory Bags, Treasure Bags

A beautiful sensory experience.

These sensory items that can be added to an existing treasure basket or used as a treasure bag for on-the-go.

Containing specifically selected items to offer babies and toddlers a variety of sensory experiences.

A gorgeous treat for your little one or gift for a new mum.

Only £9.99 WITH FREE P&P

Click here to get yours.

Personalised Enchanted Magical Fairy/Elf Door

Make your child’s day magical with one of my beautiful personalised fairy/elf doors, these enchanting doors will capture your little ones imagination and bring magic to life.

These hand designed doors bring magical friends into your home for your child to bring their dreams to life.

Simply add the fairy door to your home, leave the fairies a note on the fairy chalk board inviting them in and sprinkle a little fairy dust. The next morning a fairy or magical friend will have moved in. You can leave notes and little gifts at the fairy door and you never know, you might even get a reply or sometimes if your little one is very good they may receive a small gift.

Top Tip – Lots of parents have reported they have used this to get their little ones to sleep in their own rooms on a night.

*How to install the door: You can use the sticky fixers that the door comes with or you can use your own fixing material such as double sided sticky tape/peel etc depending on your wall surface.

*Included – Fairy Door decorated as shown, personalised plaque, fairy chalk board, one bottle of fairy dust. Additional fairy dust is available. This magical door has been designed by an early years expert.

Just £9.99 inc p&p

Log Slice Chalk Boards

Wood slice Chalkboards, slices are sanded smooth and hand painted with love.

The rustic chalk board slices are a perfect addition for your child to practice their drawing skills.
Our beautiful chalk boards bring a natural sensory experience to your little ones play. or brighten up your home or table. These are hand crafted wood slices with chalk board paint.
These beautiful rustic all natural chalk boards can be used in so many ways, why not let your child’s imagination run wild?
Please Note wood is a natural product there will never be two pieces exactly alike which is what makes them so amazing for children to use as they bring new textures to their creativity. The naturally occurring characteristics are what make the pieces so unique and charming.
Supplied in packs of 4.
Just £9.99 including p&p

Loose Play Boxes

In Loose Parts Play, loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. They are materials with no specific set of directions that can be used alone or combined with other materials.

Loose parts can be natural or synthetic.

Why Loose Parts? There are many reasons why play spaces should include a multitude of loose parts, including: Loose parts can be used anyway children choose. Loose parts can be adapted and manipulated in many ways. Loose parts encourage creativity and imagination. Loose parts develop more skill and competence than most modern plastic toys Loose parts can be used in many different ways Loose parts can be used in combination with other materials to support imagination Loose parts encourage open ended learning. Children choose loose parts over fancy toys.

Our loose parts play is supplied within a storage box, please note the contents can differ from the picture. Our loose parts box is currently just £16.99! plus p&p

To order simply visit our contact page and drop us an email stating which items you would like to purchase, your name and telephone number and our team will confirm your order and send you your payment link.

Family Gratitude Stones

Mindset has a lot to answer for and being grateful for what we have goes hand in hand with this. Our mental well being is being brought more and more to the forefront both with ourselves and our children.

As busy parents, keeping up with a regular routine to instil gratitude can be hard work and then when we don’t keep up with it, guilt kicks in and we get into a negative cycle.

Which is why Our Gratitude Stones are great and are so easy to share with your kids.

Simply the act of having the Gratitude stone or crystal and when you see or touch it in your pocket or bag each day it reminds you to stop and take a moment to think of things to be grateful for. Even just the pause in your busy day is very helpful for bringing calmness.

I keep mine on me at all times to centre myself and remind myself of what I have in times of overwhelm or just as a daily practice.

I share this with my kids all the time, what we are grateful for within our lives, and most of the time nothing they think of is materialistic. It offers them a calm time to reflect on the positives not just about their lives but about themselves to raising their own self awareness and self esteem plus enabling them to seek out ways to be kind and helpful to others.

Our Gratitude Stones come complete with a Gratitude Reminder , Kickstart Cards to get you thinking and an idea on how to use them within a group or your family.

These are available now at just £5.99 plus p&p.

To order yours click here.


Story Stones and Picture Pebbles


This amazing tool can be created to be used in so many ways.

From story telling, to tackling hard to talk about issues, building numeracy and literacy skills, becoming a creative thinker, developing imagination and so much more!!! We have even used ours to create our own bedtime stories.

Our pack comes complete with an exclusive user guide full of ideas and instructions plus everything you need to create your own outstanding resource!!!

So everything you need plus our exclusive guide at an introductory rate of £16.99 plus p&p


click here to claim yous.


Tipis are made from 12/15oz rot water and fireproof cotton duck canvas, they are sewn using rot proof bonded sail makers thread, double stitched and reinforced in stress points, making them very durable and a likely friend of yours for many years to come! We can deliver with poles to anywhere in the country.


Full set of new Douglas Fir tipi poles, 15oz canvas duck outer liner, 12/15oz 5ft high canvas duck inner liner with 14inch pvc damper strip around the base, Handmade willow lacepins, Handmade ash hardwood pegs, 6/8mm sisal ropes for inner liner and 10/12mm sisal rope for main poles, Fabric grippers and cords for peg ties, Full length inner and outer door with weighted wooden pole compartments and inner storm flap, Inner drop catcher Instructions and a bag to keep accessories safe in.

Typically most Tipis are made with white/natural canvas colour as it lets the most light in. However we can make your tipi any colour you like, we can also add coloured detail on smoke flaps, door and lace pins.

Let us know your thoughts and we can send over fabric samples and discuss ideas!

Increasingly we are making tip is for people with extra doors cut in the back of the tipi, meaning the tipis can be attached together via an internal corridor which we can make for the extra door.

We can also make doors on front and back of the tipi wider and taller meaning they are accessible by wheelchair.

Tipis come in sizes between 14ft and 30ft and all sizes are available both with and without poles please contact us for prices, we are very happy to offer advice to anyone wanting to peel and cut their own tipi poles!

For a full price list please contact us.

Pioneer Lodges

Pioneer Lodges include a canvas and wood frame kit of wood which is pressure treated spruce and Douglas Fir. Our lodges include a wood frame, wooden walls on front and sides of the lodge, decking base with a 10ft decking extension from the front of the lodge, shoe/log store, hand rails and spindles around the edge of the decking, all fixings, screws, bolts, and cement pads if required.
We can also include internal walls to create rooms or bathrooms and can include a higher sided lodge which can include a mezzanine for storage or double/twin sleeping platform, please contact us for quotes.
Sizes available are:
16ft x 16ft (external) / 16ft x 15ft long (min internal)
16ft x 20ft (external) / 16ft x 19ft long (min internal)
16ft x 24ft (external) / 16ft x 23ft long (min internal)
We can arrange for someone to come and build the frame on site for you average time to build is three days.
All canvas covers include two windows at the front, two windows at the rear made of clear PVC and a door at the front with zips either side which can be rolled up and tied overhead out of the way, we can also supply with a full wooden or half wooden door.
All of the canvas we use is cotton or polycotton 12/15oz and is reinforced and stitched with bonded thread, all canvas is rot proof, water proof and fireproof to British safety standards.
We have a range of colours are available, though we recommend dark tan for a traditional safari lodge look or cream/natural colour to let the maximum light in and keep cool in summer.
There is the option of a cheaper PVC roof instead of a canvas roof, particularly good if you wish to site your lodge under trees which will drop sap and leaves onto the roof, this material is also fire, rot and waterproof, generally we recommend both end sections of the lodge to be cotton or polycotton. We have allowed for an overhang at the rear of the lodge and the canopy roof comes down to give 2ft overhang over the side walls.
You can add an extra roof canopy to make a larger canopy at the front of the lodge if preferred
Please contact us for a full price current price list.