Why do I take a holistic approach to parenting?

That’s easy, I have many professional qualifications that enable me to practise traditional parent coaching methods however I have three children all of which have had their personal struggles and I wanted to take a new approach. I wanted to look at new ways of working especially when it came to some more complex sleep […]

Natural Remedies, Yes or No?

How many of you have considered using a natural therapy or natural medication? I have been surprised by the number of people I have spoken with recently who have or who would love to find out more about natural alternatives, this got me thinking. A while ago I did some training in using homeopathy and […]

What is in your child’s skincare?

So I started chatting to a few people who worked within the health and wellness industry and also a selection of parents to compare notes. What I found was a pattern which was shocking.

Exercise and New Mums

I am Lesley-Anne Mum to two children and a fitness instructor, I work a lot with Mums and Mums to be offering classes where the children can come to or fit around family life.
We all know the advantages of exercising but for new mums it can have even greater benefits:

And then there was 4!!

I am very excited to announce that my little Mr is here – Reuben Jordan Gerard, 8lb 5.5oz, at 20:49, on 19th February. I don’t really have an awful lot of wisdom to pass on so instead I’ll let you know how it all happened and how I have coped now that I am out numbered in the daytime!

The start of our health and wellness month!

To kick off our month of health and wellness I will have several blogs being released on various issues.

So this is the first of many!

I previously wrote a blog about the importance of time for you, which you can read here ….
However recently I had stopped taking my own advise,

Unique Nannies!

Childcare is a minefield of options and choices, how, where, when, how much, will they be happy? The list goes on……. Choosing the correct option one for your family can be a difficult, time consuming and a costly task. We recently wrote for Mothers Mean Business on the various childcare options, you can find the […]

‘The Motherhood Penalty’

Being with these mums got me thinking about ‘The Motherhood Penalty’.

To what extent does motherhood ‘ or being at ‘ that stage of life penalise women in the workplace?

Chickens and New Parent Worries

In the car last week during one of our regular chicken discussions my daughter went into complete meltdown and after much coxing she finally announced “I can’t get more than one chicken because I only have enough love for one, it won’t stretch to two.”

This reminded me of when I had my second and third child thinking there is no way I can love another child this much, but I do.

Hospital bags, nurseries and the count up begins!

Getting around to organising our lives in preparation for baby number 2
I haven’t had a chance to sneeze – nor do I dare sneeze anymore!! Why have I been
so busy? Surely all you other mums to be are with me……..